France- Bastille

Terrible! I did not do the post I promised myself. Terrible. Well, Paris was amazing, and tiring and different.
Trying to figure out what to take with me is a big deal. What I wear effects how comfortable I feel and so I don’t want to go with things I’ll feel frumpy and horrible in!
Over the few weeks leading up to the jolly holiday I really enjoyed creating collages of outfits I wanted to take with me. I chose the above  outfits and assembled them on as a wishlist.
A lot of it I did buy *shameface* however I did have some already with me and so these are the few outfits I’m taking with me:
Jonny and I like walking everywhere and planed to do that while we’re away, because of this I decided to pack my converse. They’re a little small for me and because I’m short and stumpy they don’t look the best, but they’re nice plimsolls and I thought they’d be good for wandering along Canal St Martin or The Louvre! (However I’d rather have worn my small ankle boots if I could have helped it, they’re a lot smarter!) My goodness, me feet and legs were SO painful.
I recently purchased these disco pants after hearing Zoella rave about them last year. I was too afraid to buy my own thinking I’d never pull them off, but with the pink Burnout T-shirt from TopShop I can honestly say, I feel great in them! I didn’t wear them however, as I seriously misjudged how many items of clothing I’d be wearing in 2 days. >,<.
I love this dress and knit combination. I bought the knit from Urban outfitters, which I can’t really consider being a cardigan, it’s more of a throw over. I wear this dress all the time, because it’s really comfortable and it can be smart or casual depending on how you suit it up. In this outfit it’s fairly casual. I wore this on my second day while we explored and found the Arc de Triomphe!
I was so disappointed I couldn’t bring my big heels in this outfit, but it’s probably for the best as the amount of walking was ridiculous! I wouldn’t have lasted 2 minutes 😦 Instead I paired it with my converse.
Finally, here are some pictures of our trip, there aren’t many, because I’m not the best at taking pictures, there’s normally some one else there doing it!
Kay then! Bye xx

Planning Paris: Itinerary

After buying the travel guide and the phrase book, we began plotting our little adventure. What was really useful, was the lonely planet travel guide has a 1 week itinerary helping you organise your time. We knew from the beginning that the Louvre was one of the first places we wanted to visit, so we are. Thankfully, the guide had one whole day dedicated the the Louvre, broken up by lunch and dinner.  I think it really helps to have an idea of where you want to go and things you want to do before going away. The one thing that I advise about this, expect it to go slightly off track once you’re there; it’s called a guide for a reason, you don’t need to follow it to the T.

love lock bridge

Above, is a picture of  Pont de l’Archevêché, “The love lock bridge”. I really want to go there, even for a minute just to see it. It’s fairly romantic, and probably the most romantic thing I’d ever do. (Aside from going to Paris with my boyfriend on my birthday… ahem)

Another thing I want to do, is obviously see the Eiffel Tower. There is a place called Montparnasse Tower, or “The box the Eiffel Tower came in”. You can climb to the top and have a wonderful view of the City itself including the Eiffel Tower. The Lonley Planet guide describes it as “Startlingly ugly, over sized lipstick tube, which in low-rise Paris sticks out like a sore thumb”. It does offer however, a stunning panoramic view of Paris through an observatory or a roof top terrace. It sounds fairly wonderful to me.

There are so many more places I want to visit, but with such little time! We’re going for a mere 3 days and I fear we’ll not be able to fit it all in. This is our first ever holiday however, so we can always head back another time! Or, we could go somewhere else for a short break and we’ll have more of an idea of what we can do and how to fit it all in.

That’s it from me!

Bye! x

Planning Paris- Readin’ up on Paris


In preparation to flying to France with the boyf, we decided to take out a couple of reading materials to ensure we’re a little prepared for our trip rather than standing in the middle of Paris not knowing where to turn. (You can tell we’re new to this).

The first thing Jonny decided to get was the Lonely Planet travel guide to Paris full of tips and secrets of Paris including a detailed itinerary of places to visit and things to see.

As well as this we bought a tiny phrase book to help us scrub up on our French-speaking abilities. (Mine are nil, by the way). My attempts at speaking French include shouting and over pronouncing words (such as s’il vous plaît) so much that Jonny is contemplating going on his own to avoid embarrassment.

Another cool source of teaching yourself a language, which I was recommended to try by my friend, Hannah is Duolingo. An interactive site with a gradual program to build up your French vocabulary. Not just French though, there are other languages you can learn:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

There is also the option to get a free app from google play or App store.

This is all ever so exciting, however I am so, so nervous to speak French to a genuine Parisian. I’m really going to embarrass myself! >.<

Another thing we are currently figuring out, is the buying of Euros. I read a few articles on cash cards, however that is such a hassle for such a short trip. (The reason we wanted this was so we had a little more insurance if we were to loose it. It’s not like someone will give you money if you lose cash!) After a short chat with my Dad on the phone, who has become quite the seasoned holidayer over the years, he just said to buy Euros in cash and take a card just in case. So that’s what we’re going to do. I was thinking of using to buy our cash, and pick it up at the airport. My dad seemed to think this was a fair option, and so I’m trying to repress the anxiety of making a bad decision.

I am aware of hidden costs for with drawing abroad, and I know there is a fee to make a transaction on your card, as well as withdrawing from the bank. This is always something to take into consideration. You CAN withdraw abroad, however it will cost you on credit or debit cards. Not only that, you will also get the daily exchange rate, so that makes it even more important to avoid this. 

Anyhoo, that’s it from me!

Bye! x