I was nominated by The World According to Lainey for the Liebster Award. It was a nice suprise to see someone thought of me when nominating me for a blogger award!

This award is a chain award that was created by bloggers and passed on to create connections to make friends in the blogging community.

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions given by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers and link them.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
  5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

Here are the questions asked by Lainey:

1. If you are to change a book’s ending, which book will it be and what happens?

There have been so many books that have caused me to sigh in disappointment at the way it has ended, but I don’t know whether I would change that. The book ended that way for a reason so I suppose I wouldn’t want to change the authors decision!

To answer the question, I think The Secret Place by Tana French had a fairly disappointing ending. Each character was a suspect from the start, we weren’t introduced to new characters or many plot twists in order to put us off the scent of the real killer. It’s very tough, I suppose to introduce new suspects throughout a story when it is set in a private all girls school, so I can understand the reason we weren’t given new characters; but for me it lacked dimension and meant the ending was disappointing.

So if i were to change it, I would probably have the girls meet some guys outside of school and perhaps include them in the investigation. I reckon that would be more interesting!

2. What is the last book you’ve read that you’ll probably never read again?

Honestly? I’m not big on re-reading! I read a book called Everybody Sees the Ants, and I thought it was a really sad description of an introverts teenage years and the coming to terms with who you are growing up. I did, I thought it was great. I doubt I’d ever come back to that book though, Lucky, the main character was very annoying to read and his ‘voice’ became hard to read.

3. What is your life’s current soundtrack?

I’m not too sure, honestly. I would probably say Radical Face- Welcome Home is fairly prevalent at the moment. I feel a little lost in myself and I’m trying to get back home hehe

4. If you are to fall in love with a fictional character, who will it be?

I’m not one to fall in love with fictional characters. The sake of the question though, is who could I see myself falling for if they were real. I could definitely see myself fall in love with Gat Patil from We Were Liars.

5. If you are to kill someone in a book, who will it be?

This is REALLY hard. Voldemort… Who else, though?

6. What place do you want to visit because of a book you read?

Hampstead Heath because of The Murder Room

Bath because of Northanger Abbey

7. What is the longest book you ever read?

Bill Bryson – One Summer

8. What do you want to eat while reading a book?

I’ve never thought about this before, but I don’t really eat when I read!

9. Which do you prefer? Books, ebooks or audiobooks?

Books; they’re so beautiful and it’s nice to be able to hold a hard copy of something and save as a keepsake.

10. Who are your top 3 favorite authors?

J.K Rowling, Bill Bryson and Michelle Paver

11. What is the book nearest to you right now?

Bill Bryson – One Summer

I don’t follow many bloggers because I’m fairly new to this. Many of the bloggers I follow have more than 200 others following them too! So, on this rainy Sunday afternoon, I sifted through a bunch of new bloggers, read their most recent posts and decided whether I would like to nominate them. I have also followed each blogger I enjoyed to make sure I wasn’t absent mindedly nominating people.

1. Bibliomouse

2. Tracey Morait’s Blog of Writing Stuff

3. (Brand New Blog)

4. Drink More Decaf

5. Morgan Writes and Blogs

So sorry I didn’t stick to the 11 bloggers, but hopefully if I pass this forward, more and more bloggers will have their nomination and drive more readers to their pages!!

Thank you Lainey!

My questions:

1. What is your favorite read from your childhood?

2. Where is your favorite spot to shop for books?

3. Is there a specific place you enjoy reading?

4. Who is your most hated character from any book?

5. Post a picture of one of your most beautiful books

6. What is your most read/favorite non-fiction?

7. Have you a favorite book series?

8. What book were you made to read at school that you still love now?

9. Which book were you expecting to love but ended up putting it down before finishing?

10. Which book do you pretend to have read?

11. Which book makes you laugh the most?


I will have a new blog post by the end of next week as I’m behind on my reading!


Growing up….

I have always been shy, and social scenarios, specifically those where I’m not very close to the people around me, always end up with me cringing at something I’ve said or done. I have had a few jobs in my time on this here planet and as such have had many social scenarios where I’ve cringed SO HARD and my awkwardness has resulted in me wanting the world to swallow me up.

When I was 15, I worked for £2.00 an hour at my hair dressers every Saturday. The money I made went towards my cider fund for the following Friday, which sorted me nicely. This was the first time I was ever in a working environment, on my own without my family or my mates. I had no idea who I was, what I wanted from life, or where I was headed, simply that I was a teenage girl who drank cider with her mates of a weekend and had a pretty sweet time. Anyway, in this job I was suddenly thrown in with a bunch of adults who had grown up lives and real problems. I didn’t belong there and most of all I was absolutely crippled with anxiety. Since then, I’ve had the fortune of many other jobs, helping me grow and turn into the person I am today. Mainly a 24 year old who wishes she was that awkward 15 year old where her main priority was Friday night at the beach.

In these jobs I also felt as though I could relate to people more, what with all those interesting problems of paying bills, rent and council tax whilst complaining about payday being SO FAR AWAY. That and pulling faces at girls we grew up with at school suddenly having babies. BUT THIS IS NORMAL NOW!!

PEOPLE ARE HAVING BABIES. Gone are the days where I can relate to that girl next to me because we can’t believe it’s not the weekend yet. Now I have to smile and laugh at peoples kids dressed in minion onsies and smile because their little girl has her first tooth. In a social situation where a baby happens to be involved, I tend to look at it with an inane expression saying “That’s nice”, and now it’s happening more and more!

What really made this realisation hit home, was whilst I was volunteering the other week. One of the girls who works there is on maternity leave and came in with her little boy. Many of the girls in the office have their own kids, and flocked to the child, who was literally staring at them with a puzzled face. Now, I’m trying to make a good impression at this place; it’s a great organisation and it involves a lot of what I want out of a job, so I obviously want to meet and be remembered by a lot of people in the office. That being said, as I looked at this woman who was being introduced to me whlst she was holding a baby, I was slowly backing out of that room wishing so hard that I could somehow escape. But she was in front of the door, what do I do?! “This is Thomas” (no real names used… because I can’t remember them) and I’m standing there, palms sweating “Hello… Thomas!” with a terrible attempt at “AAWWW LOOK AT THE BABY!!!!” voice… Awkwardness radiated from me before I exclaimed… “OH, I’m just going to nip to my desk, nice to meet you!”

I don’t know how all these girls are doing it, but the slow introduction of children into my daily life is becoming rather frightening!! What do you say to babies??? At least I’m not at the point that my poor grandmother is at; babies faces tend to crinkle up before hiccoughing into crying the moment she pays attention to them…. One day….

Anyway, that’s it from me!!








Recently, I’ve been trying my hand at new ventures. For two years, I spent my life at work, at home then the pub. I did dabble in running, but I always went on my own. I did run 3 times a week for 7 weeks in total before I began to trickle out into 1-2 times a week.

I have written about my running before, and it’s a great addition to my life. It relaxes me, evenings in front of the TV feel more chilled and strangely fulfilling. Fulfilling in the sense that, my body needs to sit and snuggle in fluffy blankets whilst eating and drinking tea because I’ve worked hard!

When I quit my job in Sheffield and moved back to Newcastle, I found myself even more lost and without reason than before. When working, however brutally soul destroying it may be, you’re still talking with good people and seeing your friends on a daily basis. Without that, I was on my own. So I decided to join a running club and attend each Tuesday and Thursday. It has changed my outlook on myself and mainly everything else. I was scared of going out of my way to do extra curricular things, and fell comfortable in my old routine. I was scared of meeting new people and scared of them meeting me. Now, I realise that everyone is usually the same, not everyone is judging me or making decisions on my person as much as I assumed they were in the past.

I now volunteer with a writing development organisation and a Bhuddist shop twice a week including attending the running club, and though I’m stressed and having anxiety dreams over money and work, it’s not ALL that important to my life. I just need money and a job to fuel my interests.

Meeting strangers, however terrifying it may be, opens doors to new adventures and new feelings of accomplishment you are probably missing by following the same old routine. Don’t settle for comfortable and don’t live to work!

5 things I hate about Job Applications

Right, I’m recently unemployed following on from a relocation back to the North East. With unemployment comes the onslaught of ridiculous specifications listed by potential employers. Now I understand the company would need to make the job sound appealing, and HR do need to redeem themselves at some point, however, I’m not going to be a “Motivated Self-starter” when applying to be a gardener. I think I’m more of a “looking for a nice job with a decent wage allowing me to go for a drink with my mates and live in a decent flat” kind of person.


So in true lazy person style, here is a Buzzfeed style list of Job Specifications that reeallly wind me up something stupid when applying for a minimum wage job… during which time I could be applying for said jobs, but YA KNOW:


1. When a company advertises fora “Talented Customer Services Representative”.


No offence, I’ve been working in customer services for a very long time and I required, then proceeded not to gain any talents whilst there.

I’ll give them a break actually, I could consider the act of holding my tongue when speaking to an incredibly patronising individual on the other end of the phone a talent. Patience is a virtue, and you definitely need it when working Customer Services.

I used to work for a broadband company, well known for its “excellent” customer service and low prices. Generally these low prices would be in exchange for a 12 or 18 month contract (obviously), and when these prices came to an end, the customer would want cancel and haggle a better deal. Unfortunately, when they hear “You’re in a contract”, they get all mardy. All of a sudden it’s MY fault, I am a liar and a thief and it’s okay for me to be called the likes of a “F***ING WENCH” or a “LAZY COW”…






2. Positive Buzz words.


I hate it when a company uses the obligatory positive buzz words like “Excellent Customer Care” and “Have a passion about our brand“.


Honestly, I am trying to make a living, your customers are going to speak to me like dirt  (SEE ABOVE) and I’m going to have to pretend to enjoy it? This is why you have only part time roles and a high attrition rate…


I would rather the company was honest:


“Do you want to work at least 16 hours a week?” Yes

“Can you learn what products we sell then tell customers where to find said products?” Yes



I personally couldn’t employ a person when they kiss arse over the company they want to work for, just be honest, and be yourself. (Of course to an extent, JEEZ)



3. Job sites not telling you which company you’re applying to.


Okay, I’m REALLY pleased you are an award winning company, but I still don’t know who you are!?


How can I show I’m passionate about this fantastic opening at your company if I have no idea who you are?



4. “Please upload your CV; then to avoid us having to do any paper work, please copy and paste everything into an online application form…”




Oh god! What was the point? I do not understand. If you have a specific order you want me to lay out my oversold qualifications and where you would like me to a type a self-absorbed paragraph about how brilliant I am; please tell me BEFORE I use all the Microsoft Word “resume” templates to see which looks best.


Until recently, I had only heard people moan about this, but NOW I feel their pain. Why on earth would this be a feature of a company website, if it WASN’T to avoid the paperwork?



5. References…

I am now in a position where I can comfortably go to at least to previous employers/colleagues who will be a referee for me. In the past, however, this has been something of an impossibility.






Right; I should probs get applying again. There’s a FANTASTIC opportunity somewhere, waiting for a TALENTED and PASSIONATE customer services rep….






If anyone so happens to read this at any point in the future, don’t go and be offended by anything I’m saying on this site. Firstly, it’s pointless and secondly, you’re getting aggravated at someone sitting behind a computer screen with an attitude because she can’t find a job….

Dear Sheffield – It’s not you, it’s me



It’s been a good’un. We’ve had two years together. The time has come, however, to say t’ra, bye, see ya! I’ll probably be back, but not for a long time :(.


I really loved living in Sheffield, it was nice to get away from the norm of my home town. It’s good that I’ve come back home, though, I can spend some quality time with my family and my friends.

It’s lovely to meet new people; it helps you see what you could possibly change about yourself for the better when  socializing with a different and brand new set of people! I doubt I’ll forget the friends I’ve made, and I most definitely won’t forget the place that came along with them and the places and events they showed me.

I would love to take some time to reflect on my time spent with you Sheffield, for personal reasons and I’ve some photos I want to etch onto this site for ever and ever.


-I’m going to miss the beams and convenience of my apartment.

-I’ll miss the smell and the food from Smoke BBQ and the food baby as a result of a splurge at Cosmos.

-I’ll miss pretentious coffee and 3 course meals from Tamper across the road.

-After work Ciders at Dadas with friends.

-I’ll miss the afternoons spent supping a pint in The Rutland Arms after paying homage to the Bean Chilli Burrito at Streetfood Chef; conveniently placed again next to my beautiful apartment.

-I’ll miss New Year on Ecclsall Road, and the evening jogs past people enjoying summer night cocktails and tapas from the many wonderful establishments along there.

-I’ll miss running through Endcliff Park,though the Park Runs there? not so much.


Zombeh cocktail!! @revolutiondecuba

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Brunch at #fancie

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Well needed dinner!! Celebrating with a sharing platter #smokebbq

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Summer in the city!! #summer #Saturday

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Dear July

You’re a game changer. When I meet you again next year I know that my life will be taking a different route, again. This year, you’re the month of Goodbyes, excitement and the unknown. I’m so unsure what my future holds. With the good there’s always a downside. For one positive change  there’s a sacrifice, but I’m sure it’ll all work out July, it always does.


July, thank you for bringing gorgeous weather, cocktails, good food and friends. Thank you for keeping me motivated and keeping me out doors and running. Thank you for the opportunity to drag myself out of the rut I’ve been in at work for almost 2 years, and here’s hoping the hard work pays off, and this new opportunity brings happiness.


I hope August and September look after us and when I speak to you again next year, I hope I have a lot to tell you!


Until next year, July; thank you!



#bookadayuk June 20th – Favorite Book Covers





Considering this topic was something that could NOT be covered in one twitter post, I decided to transfer it over to my Blog. These are four books I own whose covers I really appreciate gracing my very sparse bookshelf! I may or may not have read some of them, but that’s NOT important as this is all about judging a book by its cover.


Madame Bovary – Gustave Flaubert


This is one of the Collectors Library Collection and is gorgeous. The only problem I have is the books are tiny in this collection, which isn’t the most comfortable thing to read. It might just be me, but small hardbacks are really difficult to read!


A World Between Us – Lydia Syson


This Hotkey publication is really striking. As soon as I saw the review by Booksandquills on YouTube the cover immediately caught my eye! The story in itself is beautiful too, and I did a review of it a couple of months ago!


Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales


THIS. Just this book cover is stunning! I love the font and the illustrations, but not only that, underneath the Dust Jacket is revealed a beautiful cream cover with the title indented in the front. On the spine, the gold typeset of the title. It’s my most favorite book in which I own, and I love reading the fairy tales every now and again before bed, or just when I get a moment to sit!


Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen



This, having just scanned the back, came free with a copy of the Daily Express. I don’t know when, or how I ended up with is, but I think it’s lovely. I brought it with me to Lanzarote when I visited with my parents and read it whilst chilling by the pool! This is also part of the Great Reads Collection.


Quick Saturday post there for ya! That’s all from me, Bye!! xx