I was nominated by The World According to Lainey for the Liebster Award. It was a nice suprise to see someone thought of me when nominating me for a blogger award!

This award is a chain award that was created by bloggers and passed on to create connections to make friends in the blogging community.

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions given by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers and link them.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
  5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

Here are the questions asked by Lainey:

1. If you are to change a book’s ending, which book will it be and what happens?

There have been so many books that have caused me to sigh in disappointment at the way it has ended, but I don’t know whether I would change that. The book ended that way for a reason so I suppose I wouldn’t want to change the authors decision!

To answer the question, I think The Secret Place by Tana French had a fairly disappointing ending. Each character was a suspect from the start, we weren’t introduced to new characters or many plot twists in order to put us off the scent of the real killer. It’s very tough, I suppose to introduce new suspects throughout a story when it is set in a private all girls school, so I can understand the reason we weren’t given new characters; but for me it lacked dimension and meant the ending was disappointing.

So if i were to change it, I would probably have the girls meet some guys outside of school and perhaps include them in the investigation. I reckon that would be more interesting!

2. What is the last book you’ve read that you’ll probably never read again?

Honestly? I’m not big on re-reading! I read a book called Everybody Sees the Ants, and I thought it was a really sad description of an introverts teenage years and the coming to terms with who you are growing up. I did, I thought it was great. I doubt I’d ever come back to that book though, Lucky, the main character was very annoying to read and his ‘voice’ became hard to read.

3. What is your life’s current soundtrack?

I’m not too sure, honestly. I would probably say Radical Face- Welcome Home is fairly prevalent at the moment. I feel a little lost in myself and I’m trying to get back home hehe

4. If you are to fall in love with a fictional character, who will it be?

I’m not one to fall in love with fictional characters. The sake of the question though, is who could I see myself falling for if they were real. I could definitely see myself fall in love with Gat Patil from We Were Liars.

5. If you are to kill someone in a book, who will it be?

This is REALLY hard. Voldemort… Who else, though?

6. What place do you want to visit because of a book you read?

Hampstead Heath because of The Murder Room

Bath because of Northanger Abbey

7. What is the longest book you ever read?

Bill Bryson – One Summer

8. What do you want to eat while reading a book?

I’ve never thought about this before, but I don’t really eat when I read!

9. Which do you prefer? Books, ebooks or audiobooks?

Books; they’re so beautiful and it’s nice to be able to hold a hard copy of something and save as a keepsake.

10. Who are your top 3 favorite authors?

J.K Rowling, Bill Bryson and Michelle Paver

11. What is the book nearest to you right now?

Bill Bryson – One Summer

I don’t follow many bloggers because I’m fairly new to this. Many of the bloggers I follow have more than 200 others following them too! So, on this rainy Sunday afternoon, I sifted through a bunch of new bloggers, read their most recent posts and decided whether I would like to nominate them. I have also followed each blogger I enjoyed to make sure I wasn’t absent mindedly nominating people.

1. Bibliomouse

2. Tracey Morait’s Blog of Writing Stuff

3. (Brand New Blog)

4. Drink More Decaf

5. Morgan Writes and Blogs

So sorry I didn’t stick to the 11 bloggers, but hopefully if I pass this forward, more and more bloggers will have their nomination and drive more readers to their pages!!

Thank you Lainey!

My questions:

1. What is your favorite read from your childhood?

2. Where is your favorite spot to shop for books?

3. Is there a specific place you enjoy reading?

4. Who is your most hated character from any book?

5. Post a picture of one of your most beautiful books

6. What is your most read/favorite non-fiction?

7. Have you a favorite book series?

8. What book were you made to read at school that you still love now?

9. Which book were you expecting to love but ended up putting it down before finishing?

10. Which book do you pretend to have read?

11. Which book makes you laugh the most?


I will have a new blog post by the end of next week as I’m behind on my reading!


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