Paper Aeroplanes – Dawn O’Porter

This is Dawn O’Porters first novel following a rather successful career as documentary Journalist. I love Dawn, from her happy face to her amazing hair! I also love her reporting style and was thoroughly looking forward to reading her first novel. I won this from Hot Key Books, to which I am very grateful and read it in one sitting. As I said in my last review, this is really out of the ordinary for me!

Set in 1994, the story follows two 15 year old girls and their journey into adulthood. The first obstacle in that journey is of course Secondary School, and as a girl, I know this is a large one! As 15 year old girls, both Flo and Renee are trying to figure out who they are; they’re either worried about their future or more interested in their love life. The story is told in both Renee and Flo’s perspective and boy do they go through A LOT!? It seems that throughout this story, anything that could go wrong with their lives; does. I mean, these novels are supposed to carry a life lesson and relate to most teenage girls, but by goodness…

We follow Flo and her growth in confidence, the death of her Father and the neglect of her Mother and she has a best friend who could care less. Renee is a misfit, her friends are air heads and fairly superficial. Renee lives with her bereft Grandparents following the death of Renee and her sisters’ mother and the disappearance of their Father. As an old fashioned man, Renees Grandfather refuses to talk about anything and has left Renee’s sister crying out for help when grieving for her Mother.

The book discusses the trials and tribulations of two very unfortunate girls and create two loving characters you just want the best for. I cried; I laughed and will be reading Dawn’s sequal to this, Goose.

9/10 stars!


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