I didn’t grow up with Harry Potter…

I grew up with kids reading Harry Potter. That’s fairly normal, my generation were a similar age to Harry as the books were being published, so it was really something they could relate to. I got the first three books (when there were only three books) when I was about 12, and read the first one and thoroughly enjoyed it. I even went to the cinema to see it for my Birthday! Unfortunately, I was just not interested after trying to read The Chamber of Secrets. I don’t know about anyone else, but how infuriating was it?! I got so annoyed at the story of Dobby stopping Ron and Harry from getting to Hogwarts, that I stopped reading!

After throwing down The Chamber of Secrets, I began reading The chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver after receiving a copy of Spirit Walker for Christmas one year. I really loved the characters, the token animals and the tribal feel to the story and became obsessed. I found out that Spirit Walker was actually the second in the series and was loaned the first book by my friend. These books were amazing to me, I loved how certain chapters were told from the protagonist, Torak’s spirit animal, wolf, who was his loyal companion throughout the series.

I don’t think I missed out, I’m on to the final book of the Harry Potter series now, and have been trying so hard to avoid spoilers! I can’t wait to visit fan sites and to get involved in discussions over it; but until I finish, I can’t. The fact I left it so late has perhaps rekindled the love for the series in others. When watching me read through the stories and learning more plot twists and getting excited about them, it probably reminded them of how exciting it was waiting outside WH Smiths for the midnight release of the next book… One friend started reading the books again after I spent half a day fan girling over The Order of the Phoenix and how the film was totally untrue to the book! 😛

There are series for every generation, and Harry Potter was for mine, however I stuck with Michelle Paver and Jacquelyn Wilson books until I finally caved into reading the rest of JK Rowlings fantastic children’s novels when I entered my 20’s. I wonder what people will say they grew up with in another 5 or so years? It’s quite interesting to see how times change, though I think Harry Potter will always be relevant and passed down for years and years to come!


That’s it from me!






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