Vivian Versus the Apocalypse – Katie Coyle

I stayed up all night to read this. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I did this.. Although, The Fault in our Stars came close, hiding under my covers reading through my kindle, so as not to wake up the mister.

Vivian Verses the Apocalypse is a Young adult dystopian fiction, and shares the experience of three unlikely friends, Harp, Peter and Vivian. Their lives are disrupted by the rapture (of all things) taking place during the night. The night of the rapture, Vivian, Harp and Peter are at an ironic “end of the word” party, refusing to follow onto the religious beliefs of their fiends and family.  What they hadn’t expected, was to come home to find two gaping holes in thier parents bedroom ceilings and them nowhere to be found.

The novel was an easy read, it wasn’t too stressful with twists and turns and included a wonderful American road trip. The relationships weren’t forced, despite the three being forced together through their mutual disregard for the God their neighbors and family are so devoted to. The typical YA love story wasn’t instantanious, it grew over time and I found myself routing for the two of them.


Definitly want to get into Vivian Versus America some time soon!


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