Dear Sheffield – It’s not you, it’s me



It’s been a good’un. We’ve had two years together. The time has come, however, to say t’ra, bye, see ya! I’ll probably be back, but not for a long time :(.


I really loved living in Sheffield, it was nice to get away from the norm of my home town. It’s good that I’ve come back home, though, I can spend some quality time with my family and my friends.

It’s lovely to meet new people; it helps you see what you could possibly change about yourself for the better when  socializing with a different and brand new set of people! I doubt I’ll forget the friends I’ve made, and I most definitely won’t forget the place that came along with them and the places and events they showed me.

I would love to take some time to reflect on my time spent with you Sheffield, for personal reasons and I’ve some photos I want to etch onto this site for ever and ever.


-I’m going to miss the beams and convenience of my apartment.

-I’ll miss the smell and the food from Smoke BBQ and the food baby as a result of a splurge at Cosmos.

-I’ll miss pretentious coffee and 3 course meals from Tamper across the road.

-After work Ciders at Dadas with friends.

-I’ll miss the afternoons spent supping a pint in The Rutland Arms after paying homage to the Bean Chilli Burrito at Streetfood Chef; conveniently placed again next to my beautiful apartment.

-I’ll miss New Year on Ecclsall Road, and the evening jogs past people enjoying summer night cocktails and tapas from the many wonderful establishments along there.

-I’ll miss running through Endcliff Park,though the Park Runs there? not so much.


Zombeh cocktail!! @revolutiondecuba

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Brunch at #fancie

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Well needed dinner!! Celebrating with a sharing platter #smokebbq

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Summer in the city!! #summer #Saturday

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