#bookadayuk June 20th – Favorite Book Covers





Considering this topic was something that could NOT be covered in one twitter post, I decided to transfer it over to my Blog. These are four books I own whose covers I really appreciate gracing my very sparse bookshelf! I may or may not have read some of them, but that’s NOT important as this is all about judging a book by its cover.


Madame Bovary – Gustave Flaubert


This is one of the Collectors Library Collection and is gorgeous. The only problem I have is the books are tiny in this collection, which isn’t the most comfortable thing to read. It might just be me, but small hardbacks are really difficult to read!


A World Between Us – Lydia Syson


This Hotkey publication is really striking. As soon as I saw the review by Booksandquills on YouTube the cover immediately caught my eye! The story in itself is beautiful too, and I did a review of it a couple of months ago!


Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales


THIS. Just this book cover is stunning! I love the font and the illustrations, but not only that, underneath the Dust Jacket is revealed a beautiful cream cover with the title indented in the front. On the spine, the gold typeset of the title. It’s my most favorite book in which I own, and I love reading the fairy tales every now and again before bed, or just when I get a moment to sit!


Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen



This, having just scanned the back, came free with a copy of the Daily Express. I don’t know when, or how I ended up with is, but I think it’s lovely. I brought it with me to Lanzarote when I visited with my parents and read it whilst chilling by the pool! This is also part of the Great Reads Collection.


Quick Saturday post there for ya! That’s all from me, Bye!! xx


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