#Bookadayuk – Favorite Book from Childhood

Throughout the month of June, Borough Press ran a twitter campaign asking followers to use #bookadayuk and posting a book related to a particular theme assigned to each day of the month.

I really enjoyed watching everyone’s’ contributions and offered my own when I could, however I think I only managed 4 or 5 days (shame). I picked out a couple of my favorite topics throughout this month and decided to steal the idea for blog posts.

This first post using day one: Favorite Book from Childhood. I have three books/series I would like to pay homage to!


Muddle Earth – Paul Stewart and Christ Riddell


Muddle Earth follows the tale of Joe Jefferson, an ordinary boy pulled into a messed up magical universe with his dog Henry. Having just been pulled into Muddle Earth by an incompetent Wizard, Randalf, Joe becomes Joe the Barbarian, commissioned to battle dragons, slay evil Ogres and put the world to rights.

In one moment, Joe Jefferson is an ordinary boy worrying about school homework and the noisiness of his family, the next he is a barbarian, worrying about his fate fighting all evil to save Muddle Earth! This little trilogy was a wonderful and humorous tale, following the weird and wacky story of Joe Jefferson, Randalf the one spell wizard, Veronica the sarcastic Budgie and Norbert the not-so-big troll, with a love of all things domestic.

I’m so pleased I read this when I was younger, and I’m shocked more people haven’t read it! If you enjoy dragons, magical universes with 3 moons and tales of bravery and heroism, this is the story for you!


The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness- Michelle Paver


Soul Eaters, a clan of powerful Mages originally set out for the good of all people calling themselves “Healers” turn against the forest and begin to try and take it over. With the use of a crystal named the Fire Opal, Soul Eaters take control of Daemons to do their bidding.

The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness follow the tale of Torak, Renn and Wolf, Torak belonging to the wolf Clan and Renn belonging to the Raven Clan. The series covers love, loss family and friendship and tells the story from both Toraks perspective and Wolf. Wolf’s narrative is fairly straight forward, he describes things as he sees them, hears them or smells them and adds a sincere mystery to the story and keeps your glued to the pages.


I don’t think I ever finished the series, however it will always stick with me forever and I will pass the books down for as long as I can!


Double Act- Jacqueline Wilson

The story of Ruby and Garnet was really one of my favorites. One year I went on holiday with my parents and I read this book from cover to cover almost every day (when I wasn’t swimming, running around like a loon or playing games with my brother). Ruby and Garnet are two identical twins, whose personalities are complete polar opposites. The tale starts out with the twins living with their father and grandmother after their mother unfortunately passed away. Ruby is out going and has a passion for acting, whilst Garnet is quiet and reserved and allows Ruby take control of the relation ship.

They have their own language and tend to stick together without making any separate friends.

Under the influence of Ruby, Garnet auditions (and flops) for a TV show, and also applies for a scholarship at a prestigious girls school St Clare’s. When Garnet gains the scholarship and Ruby does not, their relationship is torn. Ruby cuts off her hair, makes new friends and refuses to speak with Garnet when Garnet only wishes they could apologise to each other.

The two eventually realise that they do not have to be together all the time, and go their separate ways whilst remaining best friends. The story is lovely, I love the twins relationship and for a long while I really wanted my VERY OWN TWIN.


Santa Paws – Nicholas Edwards 

This story is my absolute FAVORITE. It follows the story of a dog names Santa Paws who gets kidnapped from his owners cars just before Christmas. I absolutely adored, first of all the loyalty of the dog, and at the time I desperately wanted my own.

This is a tale of one dogs pursuit of happiness and his family and the kindness of others, and it was an absolutely heart warming Christmas story!!


These three stories really stood out when I was a kid, and I would recommend anyone to read them!


That’s it from me!

Bye! xx


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