One Million Lovely Letters – Jodi Ann Bickley





Since she was 11 years old, Jodi Ann Bickley has been one of those people, leaving hand written messages on discarded bus tickets for the next person to see, or a paper note in between textbooks. It’s a lovely sentiment, and something that Jodi has taken on as a life long project.


Not too long ago, I was watching some vidz on the YouTubes, and came across Carrie Fletcher’s vlog “One Million Lovely Letters”  I do value Carries opinion and have followed her blogs for some time. After watching the video, I jumped straight to Jodi’s Kick Starter page, in which she was attempting to raise £10,000 to fund her One Million Lovely Letters campaign. The campaign would allow her to expand on the work she has already been doing from her blog, answering emails for those down in the dumps and posting a handwritten, and hand decorated letters.


These letters spread uplifting and reassuring messages that might take you away from that really dark place and put some light in your life, knowing that someone out there cares.


Jodi’s book takes you through the stepping stones of her life, and the events that led up to her finally reaching out for help. In 2011 she contracted a nasty brain infection passed on by a “pesky tick” after a weekend at Bestival. This infection put life on a standstill, Jodie had to stop working her two jobs, and spiraled down into a mental state of self destruction. On the night of her lowest, she set up her blog and from there her success stemmed. I read One Million Lovely Letters over 2 days (a record for me), her style is gorgeous and you just want to stop everything and give her a hug. She’s had such a fun and inspiring life, and she documents it so wonderfully.


Give the book a read, it could possibly be the lift you need!!


That’s it from me, BYE!xx


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