Couch – Sheffield

A couple of weeks ago, myself and the mister decided it would be a good idea to eat some food. We tend to eat out quite often, there’s little else to do as we (I) are not very active in the sense of, we don’t do rock climbing or something interesting like that. Anyway, we walked along Campo lane, a lane near our good selves’ home, and spotted a rather hip looking establishment called Couch. Upon looking through the window we were instantly intregued by the exposed plumbing across the ceilings, the lampshade-less hanging lights, and the patchwork couches.


Of course we went inside for a little look, and it was rather lovely, and just the right level of hipster…. hipster is good. The patchwork couches, I would come to find, not only were patch work but they had the bottoms of jeans stretched out on the seat…. So it was like sitting on someone’s butt, which was weird. I ordered a cider, the brand Black Fox, was lovely and strong at a whopping 7% so I switched to a Lime and Soda quite promptly. Jonny had a Kirin Ichiban, all coming to £8.40, and to be honest with ones self, that ain’t bad.


Now for food; they have Tapas! That’s mah fave! You can get 1 bowl of tapas for £3.00, three bowls for £7.95 or five bowls for £12.00. We were in the mood for food, so went for the £12.00 option choosing from their lovely selection of tapas goodness:


-Meatballs and spicy chipotle sauce

– Hummus and garlic crostini

-Prawns with avocado and lime dressing

-Stuffed baby peppers with Goats Cheese

– Pulled pork in soy and spring onion


The food was gorgeous, and I know it’s Tapas, but ther wasn’t enough of the food on each plate to share. We like to share our Tapas, and you just did not get enough, though the food itself was lovley! The Pulled pork was beautiful, it was so tastey and came on a bed of egg noodles which the menu description did not tell you!


There are two Couch establishments in Sheffield, you can find it on Campo Lane, and the brand new place has just opened on Ecclesall Road!


Check out the menu at: COUCH!


IMG_20140502_193704cOUCH 4COUCH 1COUCH 3


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