The Girl Who Saved the Kind of Sweden – Jonas Jonasson

girl who saved


I’m ashamed to admit, I was unfortunate enough to not have read The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, however I really wanted to find a book published in the UK in 2014. I find it really hard to keep up and I’m trying!



Nombeko Mayeki is 14 years old, she grew up in the Soweto shanty town where life expectancy is not very high. If it’s not down to drugs, it’ll be down to working at the local Sewage plant. In time the girl who caries around shit for a living will soon be figuratively carrying the shit of an incompetent engineer. Coming across an array of interesting characters from twins that are technically one person and three Chinese sisters.


Jonassons’ first novel was championed for its word of mouth popularity, and I think that’s one of the main reasons I was drawn to The Girl who saved the King of Sweden. The cover art and title are brilliantly thought out, as they both retain the secrecy and intrigue of the novel itself. Though I found it very hard to get into, I think his writing style is tremendously wry and quick witted, and I will be looking out for further work!


Give it a shot; I don’t think it matters whether you have read  The Hundred Year Old Man or whether this is the first of Jonassons works, it’s a really funny and interesting read!


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