Tamper Coffee and Brewdog Sheffield



Over the weekend, it was old Shakespeare’s birthday! In celebration of this, my local cafe Tamper Coffee put on a Tamper:Late event which they do every now and again. This event comprises of a 3 course meal, in this case it was heavily themed with Shakespeare; obviously!


We had:




Chicken liver parfait coated in a pea crust on curly peashoots,
caramalised Spanish onions and smoked garlic croutes.

(I didn’t get a picture of that I’m sorry!)



British beef eye fillet, gold leaf and aubergine caviar jus, served
with golden beetroot and black truffles and pomme Mousseline.

This was absolutely divine, the cut of meat was cooked perfectly!



Chocolate Mango fool and a shortbread tower finished with a salted
caramel sauce.


I’m SO sorry, however I did not enjoy this. The flavors were just not my thing and I could not eat it.


We ended to night at our local pub having a few ciders while some crazy art exhibition went on around us.




On Saturday we mulled around town in the sunshine, stopping off at a local market on  Devonshire Green in Sheffield City Centre. I bought two more books to fit my collection and my to be read list; The Wizard of Oz, which I’ve never ever read and Bill Bryson’s One Summer: America, 1927 for a grand total of £3.00! (I love book buying at pop up stalls!)


We then headed over to the newly opened Bredog bar, who you may have heard of in their hilarious formal ‘apology‘ today; hilarious!


After having a couple of pints in there (couldn’t rename them I’m afraid) we headed for Tapas at Cubana, in which a Salsa dancing class was taking place! It was a really cool night and felt totally authentic!


I’m now off for a couple of days to see my family for my Mam’s birthday, so I need to get a bit more reading done so I can get reviewing!


That’s it from me, bye!



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