Why I run

Honestly, running is the bane of my life! The tight sports bra, the sore legs, the cold weather etc etc etc. Running can, however be wonderfully releasing and relaxing (stay with me).


It is really hard to keep your enthusiasm after a hard day at work, and when the sun is going down, however I have devised 5 points that should help me, and whoever digs this out of the vast nothingness of the internet, to keep going:


1. You can eat without feeling guilty!

That’s right, I’m so bad for this. I will go for a run and come back and devour my dinner, I’ll allow myself dessert too, because why not? This of course is no way to loose weight quick, but it’s a sure way to help you enjoy the food you love, and appreciate that you can’t stuff your face every day. You begin to train yourself into thinking, “I can’t have that bar of chocolate today, otherwise I’ll have to run/it’s not my running day!”

A lot of people may disagree, but I think it’s great. One of the best days I had was after I ran the Sheffield 10K, I did it in 1:03, which I was fairly pleased with. After we did our run, (I ran with Jonny… I say ‘with’… I attended with Jonny and he zoomed around and finished about 25 minutes before me!) Anyway, after we did the run, we went home, showered and went to Smoke BBQ in Sheffield City Centre. We paid £30.00 for a sharing platter which gives you a smoked sausage, 2 spicy chicken wings, BBQ pulled pork, a HUGE turkey leg and a boat load of double cooked fries. The place is amazing, and the food is gorgeous. Not only is the food amazing, you have no idea how amazing it is after burning around 5-600 calories prior to it!


2. It helps you forget about your day for a little bit.

Had a bad day? Forget about the ice cream or tea and biscuit, dust off your running shoes and get outside.

For the first few weeks, (Although sometimes since then) running defeated me quite a bit, which doesn’t feel good, in the long run it does uplift you. I found it really hard running in the dark, which at 6pm during winter it’s pretty dark, windy and mostly rainy. Now the weather is improving, and the nights are lighter it’s easier to get into a positive frame of mind.


3. Its cheap exercise!

You can literally run anywhere! All you need are some breathable clothes and some trainers and leave the house!

It’s a lot cheaper than a gym membership and there’s a lot more freedom! It’s a little bit weird when running in front of a bunch of people walking home from work/school/University, however they’ll look at you and think “I should start running”. They’re not thinking “OMG how stupid” “OMG I’D NEVER DO THAT”. Some people, including myself, can’t see why people would like running, but that’s because they’ve not felt the benefits!


4. Get Glowing!

Sweat apparently refreshes your skin from toxins, while an exercise session can refresh natural oils, giving you the appearance of healthier looking skin. TAKE THAT GARNIER!


5. Get some self esteem!

It will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Even if you don’t do any races or charity runs, the best feeling is when you get home and realise that you’ve gone a mile farther, or you’ve ran 2 minutes faster than before!


There’s so many reasons to run, but I think they’re generally really personal. I took it up because I have a bit of a thing about my weight and fitness. My boyfriend does it because it makes him feel free, he can see his improvement on a weekly basis. It also provides opportunities to meet new people by joining things such as running clubs are organised runs!




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