Glastonbury 2014 – I’M NOT GOING EITHER

Yes; that’s right. I didn’t register properly and the registration closed 4 days ago!


There are so many times in my life where I kick myself. I kick myself and I know that others, when I tell them tales of my failure, I’m sure they could kick me too!

I’m trying not to be too upset, even though I’m really gutted. So I’ve decided to jott down 5 reasons why to be Cheerful! #eventhoughireallywanttocrawlintoabigballandcry


1. There’s always a second chance – ‘Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.’

Do not think, because you messed one thing up, it will mess everything up. I know I’m just upset over a festival ticket, it relates to all walks of life. You mess up, but you can fix it, if you can’t fix it move on and think of everything else you have in your life!

For the benefit of this post:

-I have a half marathon planned in September

-I’m going home next week to see my family.

-I’ve just come back from the most packed weekend seeing my friends, family and home town

-I’ve a job, which, even though it’s not the best, the people I work with are great ( and I could have afforded a festival ticket, and this really lovely Kimono from Asos)

-I’m going to Glasgow to do 2.8 hours later (THIS)

-Going to Aberdeen in June for the BrewDogAGM

-I am potentially going to London on 21st May (TBC)




3. Reading – It can send you to another world and let you get lost for a while!

I’m reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (For the first time btw) and I think J.K Rowling has it down. She has a formula and it works! You feel like you know the characters, and well.. I’ glad I’m not going through half the stuff that boy is going through!


4. Go outside!

When the weather is brighter, you mood tends to be, too! I live in the centre of the City and I could jump outside my front door and visit parks, shops bars and food places on a whim, and on a summers evening after a long day at work; that’s just beautiful!

When it’s raining, go out with the intention of getting soaking wet!

When it’s windy, tie your hair up and go enjoy the silence caused by constant wind in your ears!


5. The world is huge! – If you can’t go to one place, you can definitely go to another!

As I said above, I’ve got so many plans at the moment that are going to be wonderful. I’ve been to festivals before and have gorgeous memories of those. What do you have planned?

Don’t be like me and live in regret; life is too short and you can make changes, the world is huge and there are SO many people that are ready to meet you, who love you and who are prepared to help you fix what you ‘messed up’!

That’s it from me! BYE!


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