A Fault in Our Stars- John Green

Well, my goodness. This book had me reading into the early hours. I could not put this down.

Now, I’m not one to enjoy hyped up, young adult novels. I get tired of girls lusting over the authors and the inevitable crush over a fictional character which I really cannot deal with. And I cannot lie, this is not my favorite book.  A Fault in Our Stars is everything I thought it would be: Angsty, soppy and annoying.

The story follows Hazel Grace Lancaster through her fight with lung cancer. She lumps around an oxygen tank, and attends a weekly support group at her local church, usually against her own will. While the support group depicts an image of inevitable death, and focuses solely on her illness, it eventually brings her a new lease of life. (I know, right?)

Lo and behold, Augustus Waters arrives, attending his first meeting in which he cannot stop gazing at Hazel. He’s a typical love interest: attractive, tall and VERY forward. He’s in remission from Osteosarcoma, in which he hides; very well, and he is an amputee since his leg was removed due to his cancer but he’s fine, totally fine. He also walks around with a pack of cigarettes which he pretends to smoke. He carried them ironically, without actually smoking them, to keep in control of death. Totally teenage and oh my god annoying. They both are! But they’re teenagers, of course they’re angsty and feel like the world is against them, more so than others.

Things eventually turn for the worst, and it’s painful to read, it’s unfair, just like the illness itself. You end up adoring these characters and wanting nothing but the best for them, but you know this won’t happen. It’s awkward, upsetting and FULL of teenage angst and despair when they just WILL not express what they’re feeling. You love to hate these characters, and in the end, you can’t stop wanting to know what’s going to happen next.

I’m glad this was well publicized, because I doubt I’d pick it up otherwise, obviously. For those who are like me, honestly, it is the horrendously nauseating teenage love story you’d expect it to be; with the added plus of cancer tossed in there. Cliche at it’s finest, but honestly, who does’t love a cliche secretly?

Give it a go, and don’t hate me if you read it from my recommendation and didn’t like it… You heartless bastard!


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