Falling Behind


I’ve been trying to read Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett and goodness I’m struggling. I think I’ve been reading it for a week now and I’m not even 100 pages in! This book was given to me by the landlord at our local back in South Shields on Christmas Day. We were having a drunken discussion about the Discworld series and he absolutely loves them, and plonked the book in front of me and said “Here, take this and read it! Return it when you back home next!”So, I feel obliged to stick at it. I must admit, it’s becoming easier as I get into the rhythm of the story and as I get more into the lives of the characters.

Terry Pratchett has been someone I’ve always wanted to read, but never got round to. I think it’s something to do with the book covers. There’s a certain air to fantasy novels and the way they look that drives me away. I know, I know, my gran always told me not to judge a book by its cover, but you can’t really help it. The meat of the story might be interesting, but you cannot lie, you’ll only pick up the book and proceed to read it’s blurb after judging the cover. Come on… Anyway, I’m slowing coming to terms with Moist Von Lipwig and Harry King, and I’m starting to really appreciate the jokes and off the cuff comments by the narrator.

Raising Steam is book 40 of the discworld series, but, I’ve been told, it doesn’t matter where you start. Discworld, is just a made up land floating on the back of a giant turtle in which Pratchett tells tales of the people, trolls, dwarfs and Goblins who inhabit it. I think knowing that I’m staring the series so far in, and I mean so far in that I’m reading the last published book, it’s putting me off. Expecting to not understand comments or jokes because I’ve no idea of what the world or the characters entail, however it’s not the case. The first few pages have footnotes describing the different terms and names for things that Discworld has, so as not to leave me behind.

I’m looking forward to finishing the book, and I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on the thing once I’ve finished! But just a note, it’s not a big deal if you read the fist or the last book when starting the series, because the stories are stand alone.

So, this is my almost review of Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett, as I’ve not finished it yet and I will not allow myself to move onto another novel until I do. The next book I’m really excited to read is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartte. I’m going to start my review series of fiction from the 1990’s soon, I just have so many books that I feel I MUST read before I do so!


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