Reading and Plans for the new year

   The new year is fast approaching and the typical surge of enthusiasm and motiviation has returned as it always does at this time of year. I’m begining to plan resolutions and plans for 2014 which should make my life a little more interesting, and in turn cheering myself up.

Over 2013 I had been living in Sheffield for a few months, and working at my job for a similar amount of time. I am happy I got a job so quickly and I am happy I work there for the people I have met, however it is not something I want to do with my whole life. I don’t see myself there forever and am beginning to think a bit more of my future.

As a kid and growing up, reading has been quite a big part of me, it’s a nice escapism for me; some people like running, or some sort of sport, not me! I prefer sitting with a  cup of tea and a terry’s chocolate orange with a nice book to entertain me. I have been an avid lurker of the internet varying from beauty blogs and book blogs (more on the youtube side of things) and have decided this year to begin my own , the theme of which, I’m yet to decide. With this new blog, and the new year fast approaching I plan on making more of an effort with it, and more of an effort with my reading.

So, long story short, this new year I am starting a new project, I am going to read more, blog about reading, post my thoughts and feelings about what I’m reading and making sure that I am posting more about my life.

At the end of the year I hope to at least have some followers, so I’m going to have to make an effort with that, too. I’m a bit shy, I’m a bit nervous about people seeing it.

To start with I am planning on a series of reviews or a project to read books that were published in my year of birth: 1990. I had a read through of them and I’ve already made a good start! Douglas Adams is the first with “A Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy”! I’m SO excited about that, it’s something that I’ve wanted to read for a long time and only just bought from amazon the other day.

At the moment I’m reading “A world between us” by Lydia Syson, which I plan on reviewing as soon as I’ve finished reading. It’s quite easy to read once you get into a bit of a focus on it… a bit of a daze. I have sat for 5 minutes thinking of the word I want to use and I can’t think… So I must scrub up on that!

So, that’s my thought of the day before I throw some clothes on for work! So take a look at the reading list I’m going to follow, not to the absolute T but still:

Byee!! xx


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