Update: 4 Simple Goals, Birthday and Christmas!


Well the four ‘Simple Goals’ was a good idea, but harder than I anticipated. It’s mad how much I need my pop and crisps to keep me happy at work! So needless to say I didn’t stick to them fully, however I am still going at it.

Another thing on my mind, keeping me stressed and also increasing my need for greasy and fizzy foods is Christmas! I think I have my brother all sorted, but Jonny, my Mam, Dad and Grandparents are another thing. As well as that I need my secret Santa gift bought. I’m going to head out soon to sort that out, good luck to me :(.

One thing that hasn’t made me stressed was my birthday week! I selfishly took a week off work to head to Paris with my Boyfriend for a couple of days before heading back to Newcastle to see my family and friends that I never get to see. After Paris, we went back to Sheffield from Manchester to pick up some things and have some food; Burritos, of course from Streetfood Chef. Honestly, I think I’d deffinitly come back to Sheffield time and time again for one of those Burritos! We got the train straight from there into Newcastle, which was quite late, however I managed to say hello to the family before bed! This was the night before my Birthday so after that I woke up to pressies from my mam and dad and then went for a proper fry up with Jonny from a local cafe. It was so nice to be back home, and back to a more familiar surrounding where my mam and dad were just down the road.

After breakfast we went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which was brilliant! I read the book at the beginning of the year so it wasn’t too fresh in my mind, however I am reading Mockingjay which is gradually introduced just before the end. I love this series, Jennifer Lawrence is just fab for the role. Following the film, we took the bus home, I went back to my mams and Jonny his to get ready for our meal. 

At about 7pm we went for food at a resteraunt called Davincis, which was lovley. My Gran, Granda, Uncle, Brother and his girlfriend were there along with my mam dad and Jonny. It was really nice just to be sat with everyone and eating gorgeous food. After we went to a local pub, The Maltings which me and Jonny always enjoy.

It was hard to stay awake after that so I passed out as soon as we got home!

It doesn’t stop there! Oh no, on the Friday I went into Newcastle centre to meet my University flat mates and best friends for food at The Herb Garden, which is brand new, it’s only been open for 3 weeks or so, and it was gorgeous. We ate, drank wine and had a really good laugh remembering the silly things we did when we lived together. We continued the drinkung in a bar called Tokyo, however I was so full and sleepy I ended up grabbing a taxi home at around 1AM.

The week ended with another night out which was a lot later than the previous (4AM) and another meal before meeting Jonny to get the train. Before I met him I sat with my friends in the Starbucks right in town watching people going by with my first Eggnog latte which is REALLY good!

It’s odd being back in work, and I wish I could have had more time, but that’s life!

Anyways, that’s it from me again! Bye xx


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