France- Bastille

Terrible! I did not do the post I promised myself. Terrible. Well, Paris was amazing, and tiring and different.
Trying to figure out what to take with me is a big deal. What I wear effects how comfortable I feel and so I don’t want to go with things I’ll feel frumpy and horrible in!
Over the few weeks leading up to the jolly holiday I really enjoyed creating collages of outfits I wanted to take with me. I chose the above  outfits and assembled them on as a wishlist.
A lot of it I did buy *shameface* however I did have some already with me and so these are the few outfits I’m taking with me:
Jonny and I like walking everywhere and planed to do that while we’re away, because of this I decided to pack my converse. They’re a little small for me and because I’m short and stumpy they don’t look the best, but they’re nice plimsolls and I thought they’d be good for wandering along Canal St Martin or The Louvre! (However I’d rather have worn my small ankle boots if I could have helped it, they’re a lot smarter!) My goodness, me feet and legs were SO painful.
I recently purchased these disco pants after hearing Zoella rave about them last year. I was too afraid to buy my own thinking I’d never pull them off, but with the pink Burnout T-shirt from TopShop I can honestly say, I feel great in them! I didn’t wear them however, as I seriously misjudged how many items of clothing I’d be wearing in 2 days. >,<.
I love this dress and knit combination. I bought the knit from Urban outfitters, which I can’t really consider being a cardigan, it’s more of a throw over. I wear this dress all the time, because it’s really comfortable and it can be smart or casual depending on how you suit it up. In this outfit it’s fairly casual. I wore this on my second day while we explored and found the Arc de Triomphe!
I was so disappointed I couldn’t bring my big heels in this outfit, but it’s probably for the best as the amount of walking was ridiculous! I wouldn’t have lasted 2 minutes 😦 Instead I paired it with my converse.
Finally, here are some pictures of our trip, there aren’t many, because I’m not the best at taking pictures, there’s normally some one else there doing it!
Kay then! Bye xx

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