4 Simple Goals


Good morning!

It’s been a year since myself and my boyfriend moved into our own place. Since then, I’ve not really been up to a lot; I began a new job, and paid off my student overdraft and met some new friends.

We’re now planning our very first holiday together, and after following blogs for almost… 6 years? I decided to whip up my own.

Through the help of airbnb.com and skyscanner we have our flights and accommodation booked in the beautiful Bastille, Paris! And a small tick next to my 4 Simple goals inspired by ‘A Beautiful Mess’. (You can quickly pop to their post by following this link: 4 Simple Goals)

Before 2014, I think I’ll hop on board the achievable goal train and try out some of my own, so the last three goals are:

2. Post once a week on my blog to the lead up to our Paris trip

3. Run the Park run every Saturday (When I’m not working)

4. Stop eating chocolate, crisps and pop and become less uncomfortable and bloated.

There small things to achieve (apart from the chocolate and crisps thing >.<) but sticking to them will probably lead on to others! Which is always a good thing obviously!

In order to achieve these goals, my first installment of Lemonpie Blogs, is planning my trip to Paris. So I’ll write a weekly post of things I’m doing to prepare for my trip:

  1. Planning Paris: Learning the Language
  2. Planning Paris: Itinerary
  3. Planning Paris: What to where?
  4. Planning Paris: Photo Gallery!

So for the time being, that’s it from me!



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